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We Love Strawberries is all about our love of strawberries. We have established ourselves in Hawkes Bay with the intention of being one of the largest strawberry producers using hydroponics in New Zealand.
We are very proud of our product and of our reputation as a premium berry grower with a name for superior-quality, delicious products. We grow environmentally sustainable strawberries with care and then pick them with pride.
We Love Strawberries has grown quality produce in the Esk Valley since 2017 and are working each season to make it the best yet for quality of product and quantity of strawberries. We continually seek to be the best grower of delicious, juicy strawberries in New Zealand.

We grow our strawberries with our purpose built growing system and currently have 50% of our production housed inside protected from the variations that the weather can bring.

The balance of our production is currently grown in tunnel houses which have not yet been fully enclosed.

It is our intention to fully enclose all of our growing facilities inside once time and resources allow.

Hydroponic growing systems allow us to produce high quality fruit consistently throughout the growing season.

This means our berries are chock-full of sun ripened goodness you can really taste, every bite reveals the quality of our fruit and our systems.

We are dedicated to consistently improving our strawberries so that each season our fruit tastes even better than the last.

We are committed to excellence and we aim always to be known as the growers who have gone the extra mile for you our customers.

We strive to have our strawberries known as the best here in the Hawkes Bay and to be among the best in New Zealand. We will not compromise on our quality because it is this quality that sets us apart from other growers.

We will not compromise on our quality because it is this quality that sets us apart from other growers. We are passionate about our strawberries and hope you will be too.

We sell our produce in the Hawkes Bay at Farmers Markets, events, direct to the public, to businesses and organizations and supply strawberries to both Auckland and Wellington.

The opportunities to get our beautiful strawberries before the public of the Hawkes Bay and New Zealand are only restricted by our imagination and time.

We are determined to make our brand synonymous with quality and innovation.

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